The Warrenton Declaration

This week on Cross & Crown Radio: We’re back! And boy are we excited. The Warrenton Declaration is out! Yours truly is happy to be an original signer. Have you signed it and shared it in an attempt to stop government tyranny?

Also, our three headlines include:

  1. Dr. Leana Wen recently stated on CNN that “The Science has changed.” We’ll try to sort that mess out…
  2. Also, Canadian police begin making arrests and stealing people’s property in Ottawa while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invokes the Emergency Powers statute, and..
  3. Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, recently dodged a question about the Johns Hopkins Lockdown Study that recently came out.

And finally, for our segment: THEONOMY or AUTONOMY… We’ll revisit a short interaction I recently had with the Virginia House of Delegates as it pertains to religious exemption in the Virginia Code.

As always, I am your host, Jason Garwood. Thank you for watching and listening to Cross & Crown Radio.

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Dr. Jason Garwood

Jason has spent his career seeking to both understand and apply the Biblical worldview to every single area of life. His aim is to help pastors and churches to be better equipped to engage in the Great Commission by teaching Christians how to find their individual purpose in the Kingdom of God and learn how to identify and respond to cultural idols.